We are surrounded by toxic chemicals every day – around 80,000. From the pesticides on the foods we eat to the latest tech gadgets and hottest new beauty products, chemicals are everywhere, however we all want to enjoy our lives and we don't live in bubbles to protect us, so we have developed a cleansing program to make your body more efficient and assist your liver in eliminating all the toxins we carry and collate on a daily basis. There are numerous ways toxins enter the body, including through the air we breathe, foods, drinks and one of the most common ways is through the largest organ in the body which is the skin. The skin absorbs everything from shampoo, creams and what we wash our clothes with, to deodorants and antiperspirants, which also stop toxins being eliminated from the body by blocking the sweat glands (one of the four ways we eliminate toxins from the body). Toxins enter our body's as water soluble and travel around the body, eventually being eliminated through either breathing, sweating, urination or excreatment, however over the years of taking in around 80,000 toxins a day we struggle to eliminate them quick enough so they have to be stored in the body and the safest place is in your fat cells, however some settle around your organs. The largest concentration of fat cells are in the major lymph node areas situated around the neck, back of the arms, mid-section (spilling around to the lower back) and back of the legs. I think you will agree with me that these areas are the first to put on weight and stubborn areas should you wish to remove them.


This shows a healthy fat burning, energy and metabolism process whilst we are young with the liver breaking down clean fat cells and turning it into sugar which feeds our muscles for growth and development


Cellulite is caused by toxic fat cells - The Purive 90 day detox program gets into the fat cells and cleanses, leaving them available to be decreased. In turn the skin tightens, tones and firms.







This shows an enlarged fat cell from years of taking in toxins. You will see the ripple effect it has on the skin causing Cellulite in men and women

As the above diagrams shows from birth we are clean inside, our metabolism is firing, we have plenty of energy and most of us can lose weight if we need or want to, however over the years taking on 80,000 toxins a day the body struggles to eliminate them quick enough so it has to use the safest storage for toxins which is in and around the fat cells in the areas we struggle to lose weight (under the chin, back of the arms and legs and the mid-section). With the body taking on more toxins on a daily basis the liver struggles to breakdown fat quick enough as the fat cells become blocked, thus not producing enough sugar to feed the muscles giving you low energy, muscle depletion and eventually muscle atrophy (this is where the muscles are eaten by the liver for energy) takes place. So if weight loss is your goal you will lose the weight from your ankles, forearms and chest primarily, If your low on energy, losing muscle, struggling to lose weight from the right areas or just want the satisfaction of knowing your body is functioning to the best of its ability then there is a solution. Removing the toxins from your body will set you on the right path to regain your metabolism, accelerate your fat burning process from the areas of stubborn weight gain, increase your energy levels and quality muscle, and much more.

The process is simple, by taking capsules on a daily basis preferably with food in the morning we can assist your liver to cleanse your body and eliminate toxins. Thus reducing the water and mucus around the fat cell and leaving them available to be broken down. At Purive we know that 60-75% of the world is made up of water as is the human body. The amount of waste products we put into the oceans on a daily basis is huge, however they stay clean. What does this is blue and green algae which is a natural cleanser for the ocean and the human body. The reason we cleanse for a 90 day period is because a clean liver takes a minimum of 30 days to cleanse and regenerate, however most of our livers are not clean so to make sure we get to our goals we start with 90 days. 

The Liver takes 30-180 days to cleanse sufficiently to make a noticable difference and is not only our detox organ, it's also has tasks concerned with the process of metabolism, bile production, nutrient processing, glucose regulation, protein synthesis, mineral and vitamin storage, blood waste disposal and recycles red blood cells. Our program is easy to use and gently cleanses in line with your Liver, no chemicals, keto friendly, quality premium ingredients, no crash dieting required, supports digestive health, reduces water retention and mucus around your fat cells, revitalises your energy system, gives you more fuel to feed your muscles, restores immune and intestinal balance, promotes healthy organs, reduces bloating, combats brain fog, increases your metabolism, eliminates toxins from the body, herbal formula, gluten free, vegan, may reduce the appearance of cellulite alongside a balanced nutrition plan and exercise, enhances the ability to build quality muscle, enhances liver detoxification enzymes, can reduces constipation, helps with digestion, can alleviates headaches, relieves irritability, crushes tiredness and boosts lacklustre skin, eases muscle aches and joint pain, activates and maximises weight loss, promotes healthy skin, hair and nails, aids cognitive function, promotes a restful night's sleep, protects you from oxidative stress, assists the colon, liver, gallbladder, lungs, kidneys, bladder, lymphatic system, bloodstream and skin, protects from free radical damage, a good source of antioxidants and can help ease IBS.

detox nutrition exercise.png

You can exercise and struggle to breakdown fat cells, you can eat the healthiest food on the planet and still take in toxins from your skin and breathing, not to mention what's used to grow the food. This is why detox is so important to become the healthiest and best you can be on the inside and out.

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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner sizing. Break the fast is your first meal of the day so should be large and healthy. Smaller lunch and smaller dinner. If you are the other way with your dinner being the largest meal of the day, when you go to bed the food will be sat in your stomach.